Craft Bitters Alliance

Since 2010


There has been a resurgence of small producers of cocktail bitters, tinctures, essences and flavorings. Bars, restaurants and shops around the United States now have dozens of new products and flavors to use when creating the next generation of classic cocktails.

However, not all bitters that are available on the market have passed through the necessary steps to be able to be legally sold, legally purchased and legally used by bars and restaurants throughout the United States.

The Craft Bitters Alliance strives to:

  1. -Identify which bitters are compliant with US Federal Regulations or are in the process of becoming compliant

  2. -Help producers go through the steps to become compliant with federal alcohol regulations


Craft Bitters Alliance

The Craft Bitters Alliance aims to certify which bitters are legal to sell, legal to purchase and legal to use at bars and restaurants in the USA.

Founding Members